Document Management, Automation and Digital Archiving


Document management, document automation, digital archive or whatever you want to call it, with FITdoc you keep all your documents in one place but still at hand everywhere.

Wherever you are (on the road, at the site, with the client …) you have access to FITdoc’s secure digital archive.

Find documents quickly, share, manage and automate. The possibilities are almost endless.

What does FITdoc do?

FITdoc allows you to work more efficiently and automate administrative processes.

With FITdoc you choose for a lot of basic functionalities with which you can already do a lot.

However, it is always possible to add extra tailor-made functionalities (e.g. specific workflows, processes, etc.).


Welcome to the digital era, welcome to FITdoc


Whether you are looking for smaller digitalization solutions or large automation projects, with FITdoc we always scale our solution to the size of your organization.
We gladly support your digital transition or automation project.
Change is not just striving for innovative technology but also taking the entire organization into this new dynamic and a digital future.
Change becomes improvement.

Archiving of business documents

FITdoc contains all the components of a modern document management (independent of scanners, type of document, automatic versioning, automatic indexing and searching via either metadata and/or content).
Thus, all documents, images, plans, sketches, policies, contract, video files ... can be stored digitally in the FITdoc database.
Not only do digital documents take up less (spatial) space, but also looking up documents using keywords or google-like search becomes a lot easier.
Moreover, digital archiving offers an excellent base to further optimizing other business processes.

Workflows – More overview and structure

With integrated workflows, day-to-day (complex) processes are carried out more efficiently (if X happens, Y should take place), while also drastically reducing the risks of errors and manual handling. In other words, workflows are the cornerstone of the automation process.
The possibilities are virtually endless.
What can workflows be used for?
• Approval of purchase invoices or other documents
• Sending requests (think leave, scheduling, orders … )
• To do-lists
• Automatic linking of documents (e.g. order form to invoice)
• Reminders
• Steering processes in a chronological order
• Customer-specific requirements

Integration with other software packages

For a coupling or integration, we use the so-called API of our software and your current software packages.
How far this integration should go depends in the first place on your own wishes and the possibilities of your current (office) software (ERP, CRM, accounting package, ...).
In this way we help you to increase your productivity and efficiency in an affordable way.
With integration you also choose how prominent you want the role of your new software to be.
You can choose to introduce our software as a new software package or to let it run completely in the background (like a digital archive, for example).

Bundling of documents and files

Making follow-up more efficient? Comparing or matching documents (e.g. invoices and orders)?
Whiz-Archive makes it possible to link documents both automatically and manually. Thus, a single digital file is formed per customer, employee, site or other.
What can dossiers be used for?
• Easy monitoring of projects, construction sites or others
• Chronological succession of dossier
• Digital merging of documents (e.g. employee file, real estate file, lawyer file …)
• Digitalization of the procurement process (orders – confirmations – invoices ...)

For more information, download the FITdoc Document

For more information visit the website of the software developer, Qastan.


Manage you spools with a powerful and versatile solution. A great addition to Whiz-DOC, to implement complex production processes.


Easily produce XML from spools on your IBM i. Convert XML to spools. Convert XML to XML with another structure. Can be used in conjunction with Whiz-DOC to convert XML files to graphical documents.


Convert text files to spools or spool to text files. When used in conjunction with Whiz-DOC it can be used to convert text files from external solution to graphical documents.


Document digitalization, workflow management, digital archiving. With FITdoc you can keep all your documents in one central place but still at hand everywhere.