Whiz-Tec Northern Europe provides business to business software distribution, including services. Our main product is the Whiz-Tec software suite and we are operating in the Benelux, Germany, UK and Scandinavia.

The Whiz-Tec software suite, Whiz-Doc (previously known as: Quick-Press), Whiz-Spool, Whiz-Archive and Whiz-XML, is an output management software solution specially designed for IBM I systems and is currently running under OS/400.

Easy creation and distribution of business documents is possible. No programming in applications is necessary to make any (quick!) changes in the lay out of business documents output.

Whiz-Tec Northern Europe is also the distributor of FITdoc in the Netherlands and Germany.


FITdoc is an affordable and easy to use document management software solution for both larger and smaller organisations. The digital archive solution in which all business documents, presentations, movies are centrally stored. Information can be retrieved fast and easy. With electronic workflows business processes become much more efficënt and will save time and money.     

The user-friendly software solutions and highly qualified services contribute to efficient business processes and will save money and does not put any pressure on your (HR)resources.

Whiz-Tec has been known for many years for its reliability, stability, high performance, user friendliness and excellent support.

Putting maximum effort in keeping customers happy, is what the owners of the company, Jacob Flik and Leo Oppenheimer, have in mind for over 25 years. The software serves more than 1.500 satisfied customers mainly in Europe.